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Microwave Training Modules:

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Training Modules & Components:

Experiments of Reflex Klystron
Experiments on Gunn Diode
Experiments to measure the Polar Pattern & gain characteristics of the antenna
Experiment to measure dielectric constant of Solids & Liquid and to measure Phase Shift & of a cavity
Study of Microwave components (Magic T, Directional Coupler, Isolator, Circulator) Microwave Components & Power Supplies
Klystron power supply ( Square & Saw Wave Digital readout )
Gunn power supply ( Digital )
VSWR Meter Solid State
BNC Cable
Circular to Rectangular wave guide transition
Coaxial to W/G Adopter
Conical antenna
Cooling fan
Cross directional coupler
Detector – IN-23 ME 6109 Detector mount with detector
Dielectric antenna
E H Tuner
E H Tuner precision with micrometer
E Plane bend ME 6114 E Plane tee
Fixed attenuator ( 3,6,10 db ) Any One
Frequency meter ( Direct reading )
Frequency meter ( Micrometer type )
Gunn oscillator
H Plane bend
H Plane tee ME 6121 Isolator
Klystron mount
Klystron tube
Liquid Dielectric Cell
M H D Coupler ( 3,10,20 db) Any One
Magic tee
Matched termination
Microwave Cavity
Movable short

Microwave Components & Power Meters:

Movable short precision with micrometer
Parabolic disc (with dipole feed)
Phase shifter
Pick up horn ME 6134 Pin Modulator
Pyramidal horn ( Gain 16 db )
Pyramidal horn ( Gain 22 db )
Radiation pattern turn table
Sectoral horn – E plane
Sectoral horn – H plane
Dielectric Samples (Solid)
Slide Screw Tuner
Slide screw tuner precision with micrometer
Sliding termination precision
Slot antenna – Narrow wall
Slot antenna- Broad wall
Slotted section with probe carriage
Solid Dielectric Cell
Stand ME 6149 Tripod stand
Tunable probe
Variable attenuator ME 6152 Wave guide twist
Fixed short
Wave guide bend 90 Degree
Wave guide cavity
Smith Charts (Set of 100 Sheets)
N-N Coaxial cable
Microwave Power Meters
Microwave Power Meters 8.2 GHz ~ 12.4 GHz
Microwave Power Meters 10MHz ~ 18GHz

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