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Instrumentation & Control Lab Training Modules:

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Instrumentation Lab Training Modules
Instrumentation Trainer Using Transducers
Strain Gauge Trainer Kit (with Cantilever Beam)
LVDT Trainer Kit
RTD Trainer Kit
Thermocouple Trainer Kit
Speed Measurement Module using Photo Electric & Magnetic Sensor
Speed Measurement Module using Photo Electric Sensor
Speed Measurement Module using Photo Electric Sensor
Speed Measurement Module using Magnetic Sensor
Speed Measurement Module using Magnetic SensorInductive Pick UpCapacitive Pick Up
Piezo Electric Transducer
Hall Effect Sensor
Pressure Measurement using Strain Gauge
Load Cell Trainer Kit
Temperature Sensors Kit
Study of Linear Potentiometer for Displacement Measurement
Control Lab Training Modules
PID Controller Kit (Model Process)
PID Controller Kit (Microprocessor Based)
ON/OFF Temperature Controller (Indicator cum Controller)
AC Servo Speed Torque Characteristics Trainer
DC Servo Motor Speed Torque Characteristics Trainer
AC Position Control System Trainer
Analog Signal Sampling & Reconstruction
AC Servo Voltage Stabilizer as Servo mechanism
Stepper Motor Controller Trainer
DC Motor Speed Control Demonstration / Trainer
Study of AC & DC Servo Amplifiers
Potentiometer as Error Detector
Synchro Transmitter Receiver Pair
Study of Compensation Network
Magnetic Amplifier
Magnetic Amplifier(Series & Parallel Connection of Magnetic Amplifier)
Magnetic Amplifier(Positive & Negative Feed Back)
DC Voltage Regulator as a Closed Loop System
Educational Analog Computer
Board Model for Actuating Element
Control Engineering Tutor
Light Intensity Control
Digital Control System
PLC Trainer Demonstration Unit
Simple Resistance Welding
Repeat Resistance Welding
Simple (Event) Counter
Star - Delta Starter ME 1125E: Pick and Place Application
Linear System Simulator
Study of First & Second Order Control System Trainer
Experiment to measure dielectric constant of Solids & Liquid and to measure Phase Shift & of a cavit
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