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Portable Autoclave Aluminium

Portable Autoclave Aluminium (Steriklave)

• Made from wrought Virgin Aluminium sheet conforming to• Heavy cast aluminium chamber with aluminium alloy seamless  Inset container• All materials & components of food grade quality.• Precisely tested pressure regulator and precision pressure  Gauge.• Gasket Release System (GRS) and safety valve that  automatically defuses pressure to safe level.• Capacity, 13 Ltr. to 44 Ltr.

Portable Autoclave Aluminium

Stainless Steel Seamless Autoclave

Sterilizer, Portable, Pressure Type Stainless Steel Seamless. The steam pressure inside the Autoclave can develop from 1.25 kgf/ (18 psi) to 1.10 kgf/ (15 psi), Size: 350 mm diameter x 300-325 mm height.

Stainless Steel Autoclave

Portable Vertical Autoclave

Portable Vertical Autoclave Single Drum Aluminum• Capacity 39 Litre & 24 Litre• Heavy cast aluminium chamber with aluminium alloy seamless  inset container• Rubber gasket• Electrically operated• Safety clamping locks on cover• Dial pressure gauge graduated in kg/cm3, PSI and degrees  Fahrenheit• Cover fitted with excess pressure relief valve and over-  pressure rubber plug• Maximum pressure 21PSI/1.5 Bar• Maximum temperature 126°C/259°F• Scored water level fill mark inside chamber• Inner Chamber dimensions: 350mm  diameter x 380mm deep & 300mm  diameter x 300mm deep• Aluminium container• Additional spare over-pressure rubber plugProvided with two safety Valves, Pressure Gauge, flexible metal tubing to exhaust Air

Portable Vertical Autoclave
Automatic Autoclave Sterilizers
  • Autoclaves are made of Stainless Steel Inside and outside, shall be steel duly painted or epoxy powder coating.
  • Sterilize Machine fitted with automatic cut-off power device for element for general safety.
  • Water level safety device prevents the steam autoclave from being heated up in the case of insufficient water.
  • Excess temperature safety device switches off the heating elements if too high a temperature is attained.
  • The sterilizer auto control system provides high reliability and safe operation.
  • Exhaust steam is cooled down before leaving the autoclave.
  • Heat-resistant plastic covering on lid prevents contact with hot parts and protects from burning.
Automatic Autoclave Sterilizers


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